Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet is a character who has yet to appear in Everafter. She originates from the nersery rhyme; Little Miss Muffet.


Little Miss Muffet Sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. When along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away...only problem is Miss Muffet isn't terribly good at running.


"Little Miss Muffet" is a nursery rhyme, one of the most commonly printed in the mid-twentieth century. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 20605. The rhyme first appeared in print in 1805, in a book titled Songs for the Nursery. Like many such rhymes, its origins are unclear. Some claim it was written by Dr Thomas Muffet (d.1604), an English physician and entomologist, regarding his stepdaughter Patience; others claim it refers to Mary, Queen of Scots (1543–87), who was said to have been frightened by religious reformer John Knox (1510–72). The former explanation is speculative and the latter is doubted by most literary scholars, who note that stories linking folk tales or songs to political events are often urban legends.